the biology behind happiness

How to Build Psychological Wealth by optimizing diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management to improve mental stress immunity and elevate your mood.

We are beginning to understand that our mood intimately connects with our nervous and immune systems, a field known as psychoneuroimmunology. 

Biologic correlation to Happiness
If we can curate a happier mood by building stress tolerance, maintaining a balanced lifestyle (diet, exercise, sleep), optimizing biochemistry and hormones, etc, then our nervous and immune systems will become more resilient to physical and mental challenges.

Happy by Design
This 3-month, virtual program aims to help you achieve longevity of a happy life. This program focuses on building happiness on a physical, mental, and emotional level. The goal is to have you live life to the fullest. We’ll explore your biochemistry, genetics, and lifestyle to design and create happy in your life, also known as psychological wealth.

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