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comprehensive health assessment & chronic disease prevention

The Comprehensive Health Assessment & Chronic Disease Prevention program aims to identify your personalized risk for chronic diseases and to develop a long term plan to manage those risk factors through medicinal, botanical, nutritional and lifestyle factors. The top five chronic diseases that are especially of focus include, heart disease & stroke, cancer, chronic lung disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes. This program incorporates individual diagnostic tools using biomarkers, genetic testing, hormone testing, microbiome testing, etc to gain a comprehensive picture of your health.


1.  Program begins with a personalized assessment of your chronic disease risks by examining family history and lifestyle history, and using comprehensive screening diagnostics, such as molecular biomarkers, genetic testing, and hormone testing etc. to look at your health status as a whole.

2.  Apply the modifiable risks factors of cancer and other chronic conditions and incorporate them into daily living, including preventing insulin resistance, balancing hormones, and lowering inflammation, etc.

3.  Optimize gut microbiome to enhance brain health, immune system, and energy by diving deep into daily nutrition and understand how diet impacts the development of each chronic condition

4.  Evaluate home environment to minimize chemical exposure to xenohormones, including cleaning supplies, cosmetics, and laundry detergent etc.

5.  Lifestyle factors: learn to manage stress and reset stress cycle, learn to sleep very well